T-Eye App for QRadar validated by IBM

ASERG Lab, Department of Computer Science Of COMSATS Islamabad in research collaboration with Trillium Information Security Systems through the award-winning TRIAM T-Eye Threat Intelligence Platform has achieved yet another milestone as the T-Eye App for IBM QRadar has been officially validated by IBM. The validation proves that users can now be confident that IBM has analyzed and reviewed the app to ensure that there are no performance inhibitors or security vulnerabilities and it can be used to enhance the QRadar experience. The T-Eye App for QRadar:

Integrates TRIAM T-Eye Threat Intelligence Platform with IBM QRadar
Facilitates the delivery of threat indicators from the T-Eye Platform
Fetches the feeds in real-time
Updates the reference sets in QRadar
Generates reference sets on the basis of which rules are triggered
Allow customers to create a new reference set according to their needs and requirements
Create default reference sets and associate T-Eye rules with them

Following the successful validation, T-Eye App for IBM QRadar has been officially released on the IBM Security App Exchange now organizations can achieve increased effectiveness when performing threat investigations and achieve visibility into the emerging risks and threats across digital ecosystems. To find out more about TRIAM T-Eye Threat Intelligence Platform feel free to contact us to get personal consultation from our dedicated security experts.

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